Atom™ & Tobias - Extended Live Set

Catalogue number AAA 157 is the first new and unreleased production on "AAA". As if this wasn't novelty enough it surprises with yet another superlative: unless proven otherwise, their "Extended Live Set, Berlin 10/12/2014" is the first release of its kind - not only that the live performance itself, executed at Berlin's "Panorama Bar", was of 6 hours of duration, the recording presented is released as ONE 5 hour digital (.wav) file (through the archive only)! Technically restricted to 4gB, a 16bit .wav file is what the 21st century offers as "high res" music data carrier, yet it is obvious to state, that "AAA 157" currently transcends any existing physical format. Due to technical reasons, the available MP3/AAC versions of this recording, offered through iTunes and other alike channels, had to be split into five one hour slices. The full five hour file is only available HERE directly through the archive.

Atom™: Texturen I

New Atom™ album out now!

“Texturen I” is Atom™’s first solo release on the No. label imprint which he is running with Material Object. Adding words to Atom™’s prolific 150+ album catalogue would be an exercise in futility. Especially in the field of ambient music, his output has been both prolific and profound from the early ‘90s onwards with albums such as “Orange”, “Live at del I/S/C”, or “Superficial Depth”, to name but a few.

“Texturen I” connects somewhere there in the ambient space, presenting a one hour track which can be described as a bright, lucid excursion into minimal sonic surfaces. Due to its obvious minimalism and perhaps because it lacks tension, darkness or the habitual psychedelic twists, “Texturen I” feels like a positive slow motion zoom into a limitless white void. Released as catalogue number No. 909, “Texturen I” continues the series of classic ambient releases “No.” had put out over the last 18 months, quite a few in which Atom™ himself had participated.


AtomTM_Audio_Archive now on

Atom™ launches the subscription service for his archive through the platform today. The remastered backcatalogue as well as previously unreleased and entirely new material shall be made available here on a monthly basis. Aiming at the full, 150 album, catalogue to be made available in a not too distant future.

2014 in a nutshell

Thanks to everybody for making 2014 such a trippy year!
See you in 2015.

ATOM™ // 2014

04.01. Santos Dumont // SANTIAGO // CHILE
22.01. Cine Arte Alameda // SANTIAGO // CHILE
25.01. Art's Birthday // STOCKHOLM // SWEDEN
01.02. Cine Arte Alameda // SANTIAGO // CHILE
01.03. Festival Neutral // SANTIAGO // CHILE
09.03. Teatro Municipal // SANTIAGO // CHILE
12.03. Club Santio Remedio // SANTIAGO // CHILE
19.03. Dommune // TOKYO // JAPAN
20.03. Air // TOKYO // JAPAN
23.03. Onziemme // TOKYO // JAPAN
28.03. Caixa Forum // BARCELONA // SPAIN
30.03. Robert Johnson Theorie // FRANKFURT // GERMANY
04.04. Teatro Italia // MODENA // ITALY
05.04. Serendipity // PERUGIA // ITALY
12.04. Arma 17 // MOSCOW // RUSSIA
17.04. Ääniwalli // HELSINKI // FINLAND
18.04. La Cartonnerie // REIMS // FRANCE
19.04. Dystopian // BERLIN // GERMANY
03.05. L.E.V. Festival // GIJON // SPAIN
06.06. Bar Radicales // SANTIAGO // CHILE
27.06. Mamba // SANTIAGO // CHILE
10.07. Club Ambar // SANTIAGO // CHILE
01.08. Under Bron // STOCKHOLM // SWEDEN
02.08. Concrete // PARIS // FRANCE
03.08. Dekmantel // AMSTERDAM // HOLLAND
10.08. MoMa // WARSAW // POLAND
15.08. Some Festival // BARI // ITALY
16.08. Berghain // BERLIN // GERMANY
21.08. Cellar // SANTIAGO // CHILE
13.09. Labyrinth // NAEBA // JAPAN
19.09. Rizumu // PHILADELPHIA // USA
20.09. Humanaut // PITTSBURG // USA
23.09. Brown University // RHODE ISLAND // USA
25.09. Decibel Festival // SEATTLE // USA
03.10. Lunar Lodge // BOULDER // USA
04.10. Output// BROOKLYN // USA
18.10. Unsound // KRAKOW // POLAND
07.11. Arista Festival // LIMA // PERU
08.11. Arista Festival // LIMA // PERU
20.11. Dampfzentrale // BERN // SWITZERLAND
28.11. Interzona // VERONA // ITALY
29.11. Gaité Lyrique // PARIS // FRANCE
05.12. Enghien Les Bains // ENGHIEN LES BAINS // FRANCE
06.12. Nexsound Festival // KIEV // UKRAINE
10.12. Panoramabar // BERLIN // GERMANY

Atom™ + Robin Fox: DOUBLE VISION

Presented at the Unsound Festival Krakow (17/10/2014) DOUBLE VISION combines Robin's RGB laser work with Atom™'s AV explorations. Next performance scheduled for the 13th of March at the Adelaide Festival. Stay tuned for more 2015 shows to be announced!

Atom™: Machine Paisley - Remaster 2014

Now on Bandcamp and AtomTM_Audio_Archive:

Erik Satin//Light Music - Remaster 2014

Now on iTunes, Bandcamp and AtomTM_Audio_Archive:

14 Footballers in Milkchocolate//World Cup 2014 Edition


Now on iTunes, Bandcamp and AtomTM_Audio_Archive:


Officially alive now is Atom™ & Material Object's "No." label. Its first release is the album "Early Reflections" which both artists produced under their "No. Inc." moniker. "Early Reflections" will be available digitally either through the official "No." bandcamp page or all other standard online portals. The album will be followed up by the "Early Reflections EP I" (15.05.2014) which will be released as 12" vinyl (distributed by "word and sound") as well as digitally.
You may wish to follow "No." on Twitter, or have a look at the "No." youtube channel.

Atom™ & Marc Behrens//Bauteile CD

Out now on Editions Mego.

The over 70 minutes of «Bauteile» (German for «construction parts») were recorded from 1987 through 2013 and edited into a continuous flow over the last three years. Atom™ and Marc Behrens met during the heyday of the German Techno movement and have since ever pursued extensive research in all areas of contemporary music. Their findings, a sonification of their investigations, which span effectively two centuries of musical development, are now released as an album for the first time by Editions Mego.

Project website

Listen to excerpt 1
Listen to excerpt 2

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